Adding a Gallery Stripe

A Gallery stripe contains several gallery items, each assembled by image and its title.

To add a gallery:

1. Click on the "+" sign and choose "gallery"

2. To manage the gallery items, hover your mouse over the Gallery stripe that was added, and click the manage button (4 small squares).

You are now in Manage Gallery.

To manage Gallery items:

1. click Add, and a new item will be generated. 

Once you are done adding items, click DONE and left-click on the item to replace it with your own.

2. To delete or reorder the items, hover over an item and choose to delete or reorder.

3. Above the gallery items, there are two settings: Spacing and Items.

Spacing Will allow you to set the spacing between the gallery items.

Items Will allow you to set the number of items per row in the gallery.

Click Done, to exit Manage Gallery


Designing the Gallery Stripe

The Gallery Stripe is pretty flexible design-wise, and will allow you to have a control on many aspects of its design.

1. Left-click the Gallery to see the several design’s control panels you can use – Style, Layout and Arranger.

2. Choose each of them, and start designing the Gallery.

That's it.  

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