Adding a Link Stripe

The link stripe will allow you to add a single link to your site.

The Link stripe contains a single label element, which by clicking it, your site's visitor will be redirected to a different page on your site or an external URL.

To add a Link Stripe:

1. Click on the "+" sign and choose "link"

A default Link will appear.

2. To change the default link of the label, left click the label and choose Go To.

3. To change the default text of the label, left click the label and choose Edit label.

Designing the Link Stripe

The Link Stripe is pretty flexible design-wise, and will allow you to have a control on many aspects of its design.

1. Left click the Link to see the several design’s control panels you can use – Style, Layout and Arranger.

2. Choose each of them, and start designing the Link.

That's it.  



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